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FYP – Finding constellation images

May 10, 2011

Over the last few days I have been implementing the star constallations which the player will pass through. What I needed to create was a number of stars which would form an image, which would represent a different “middle way” idea.

So there were 5 different elements:

“1) confidence, 2) effort, 3) mindfulness, 4) concentration, and 5) wisdom which must be kept in balance. Confidence must be balanced by wisdom, if there is too much confidence, it gives rise to blind faith, in which people believe anything that has been taught to them, if on the other hand, there is not enough confidence, people end up doubting everything they hear and refusing to believe everything, without any consideration. Effort must also be balanced by concentration, if there is more effort than concentration, it will give rise to a nervous personality. On the contrary, if there is less concentration, it gives rise to sloth and torpor. There is only one quality for which we can say, the more the better, and that is mindfulness. One can never have too much mindfulness.”

Each image needs to be quite distinctive, and easy to shape as stars, these are the images I found:











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