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Adding constellations to 3D space

May 10, 2011

So the idea for the constellations, would be that when the player is in 3D space, they would only see the stars, however when they go through the constellation, the red and blue lines drawing out the constellation will come in view so the player can see what it represents.

This is how I did it:

  1. I created a 3D plane in Blender and attached one of the constellation images (see previous post) I then placed UVSpheres in the position of the stars. This way the player should be able to see the constellation at any angle (of course if I only showed the stars on the plane, the constellation would only be visible front / back on).
  2. I then thought of an animation, which could play when the player passes through the group of stars. I made a short 3 second video in after effects of each of the red and blue lines appearing. Using Blender’s logic bricks I created a collision detection between the player and the plane which the image was attached to. When the player collided with the plane, I attached the video I made to the plane and played it.
  3. I created an animation in the IPO curve editor of the camera panning out and in again, obviously when the player is so close to the constellation, they can’t see the animation play, so the camera pans out to see the whole image and pans back to it’s original position.
  4. Finally I replaced the image on the plane with a transparent texture, so the only thing which was visible were the stars (which were UVSpheres).
So this a quick look at what the project looks like now with the constellations in place:
Middle way
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