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The Object

May 5, 2011

I needed to find an object which I could fit my arduino board into. Obviously it would need to be hollow and I would need easy access to the inside so I could plug/unplug batteries. At first I looked around a few shops. I was looking for something wooden or plastic which I could cut into. However there wasn’t much going. So I decided to make my own, I thought it would be pretty impossible for me (pretty much no carpentry skills) for me to build a hollow sphere out of wood, so I thought maybe paper mache would work. This way I could easily build a solid hollow sphere and I could easily cut a door in the middle which I could open and close.

I decided to buy a cheap mini football from the Sports Direct shop in Plymouth, this was just the right size that I could fit an arduino board inside.

Starting to Paper Mache

Almost finished one coat

Half Covered

After seven coats the sphere looks like this:

Finished Sphere

The outside of the sphere looks quite bumpy and un-even, however it’s smooth to the touch. Once it dries I’m going to go over it with some sandpaper to make sure it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

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